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5 reasons why your competitors are better than you (but only if they read this)

The internet has changed the business world. The barriers to entry that used to exist have disappeared. There is almost no need for an office, or staff, or stock. With a great website you can get the credibility you seek.

This explains why it is so easy for your competitors to dominate you. With only a small pile of cash, just about anyone could take over your local market.

So, why are your competitors better than you?

Reason #1 – Your website sucks

It is true, many business websites are rubbish. But it’s not your fault. Knowing what to do online is hard. It’s a constantly changing place with no right answers.

However, this clearly gives you and your competition a massive opportunity. By having one of the only fantastic looking (and functioning) websites in your space, you can achieve more trust with your customers.

So fix your website, and do it quickly! The longer you procrastinate, the more time you are giving your competitors to get a jump on you.

Reason #2 – Understanding why visitors take action

So you have an OK looking website. Does the content prompt action? Or do you just state who you are and what you do, with ‘contact us’ as your only call to action?

It is highly likely that your website doesn’t have the best structure in place to convert your visitors into prospects.

Therefore, ensure your website is organised and inspires people to want to know more, do more, buy something – it should be as good as an effective salesperson. Then test, test and test again all your call to actions until they deliver the conversions you desire.

Reason #3 – Online Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords, is an effective way to get new customers, and you can gain them immediately. It may appear cheap but it can get expensive if you don’t do it properly.

Your competitors are already doing this, but they are probably doing it wrong. Until, of course, they come across a decent company providing this service and suddenly they are attracting clicks from real prospects. Then they will find themselves swamped with new leads – especially if their website is effective at converting these visitors into prospects.

Reason #4 – Email marketing

If you are not building and using your email list, then you need to start right now.

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels we have today. Think about it: email allows you to reach your current and potential customers whenever you want.

It is a great way to capture leads and an excellent way to re-engage your previous customers. With an email list you can have more influence over your subscribers’ behaviour. It allows you to drive page views, grow sales, ask for reviews, or anything else you’d like.

And remember, not every website visitor is immediately ready to get a quote or enquire about your services. So entice them with a great offer to join your email list. Then you can regularly engage with them rather than losing another potential lead.

Reason #5 – Social media

It’s free! Okay sure, you pay for ads but for now we’ll discuss just using social media.

Use this forum to add value for your customers relating to your business. Connect with your customers by asking them to post their questions or suggestions on your company Facebook page. You or any of your staff could then engage by responding to those customers. But why wouldn’t you just use phone or email? I hear you say…

This is where the ‘social proof’ comes in. People need to know that you are a trustworthy business. By keeping your customer service out in the open, it’s proof that you are indeed a great business.

So, are you going to let your competition get the upper hand?

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