We not only provide your business with all the marketing thinking and support you’ll need but also loads of creative ideas that’ll work.

You can’t deliver effective marketing unless you know what you’re trying to achieve. So that’s why first up we get to know you and understand your goals.

Next up we make sure your business has a rock solid foundation for growth by developing a marketing plan with a clear difference, we call it your MyMarketer ‘Plan of Attack’. Developing the plan involves a thorough review of your business, examining all aspects of your current marketing mix, talking to your customers, staff and suppliers – to understand what you do best and, and of course what you could improve on.

Often the next step is to review your brand to ensure the way you present your business to the market is aligned to the benefits your customers are seeking and the value you deliver to them.

Once we’ve completed the planning and agreed the key areas of focus we’ll move on to implement your marketing programme via a wide range of marketing tactics (the fun stuff!).

Everything we do always has a clear purpose and all along the way our focus is on efficiency, measurability and effectiveness.

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