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A MyMarketer business provides you with the opportunity to invest in, manage and grow your own successful marketing business – whilst enjoying the support of a network of like-minded individuals and a central ‘hub’ of resources.

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The Value

1. The Brand

Shared ownership of New Zealand’s leading marketing brand.

2. Support & Training

Startup training, business plan development and on-going support.

3. MyMarketer Recipes & Tools

Tested and proven recipes & tools to run a successful marketing business.

4. MyMarketer Network

Access to and committed support from a network of expert marketers, creatives, and business people.

5. Software

Software for all aspects of running your MyMarketer business including a password protected MyMarketer intranet.

6. Getting New Customers

Assistance to generate enough sales leads to start & grow a successful business.

We reduce risk and increase efficiency by providing significant value through centralised training and resources as well as assistance with client acquisition and retention.

The MyMarketer model also works well for skilled marketers based in regional areas, enabling you to utilise your skills to help local businesses – who couldn’t otherwise afford to employ a senior marketing resource. More importantly, the model allows you to work (and earn) at the same level – developing strategy and delivering high-quality communication without having to live in a larger metropolitan centre.

Aside from an appropriate level of experience to fulfil the role of our clients’ marketing department, most importantly we’re looking for people that fit with the ethos of the business. We talk about ‘BRIGHT” a lot around here – bright not just in terms of capability but also in terms of attitude and spirit.

You’re not the only one who thought it was a great idea…

"The prospect of being my own boss and shaping my own future was appealing, and taking on a new challenge ignited a spark within me. The flexibility to balance work around my family's schedule was another significant draw. Shifting away from the traditional 9 to 5 routine has been a refreshing change, and I absolutely love it! Immersing myself in these businesses and working with people who have a genuine enthusiasm for what they do has been incredibly inspiring and rewarding. "

Emma McMulkinMyMarketer Business Owner/Marketer

"I was looking to fast-track my career and saw this role as the perfect opportunity to broaden my skills and horizons. Being a MyMarketer Business Owner has given me a significant stake in the success of my work. If you're someone who wants to forge your own path and have control over the type of work you do, this is the ideal way to achieve that without feeling isolated. This experience has truly helped me become an all-round marketer."

Joshua LyonsMyMarketer Business Owner/Marketer

"What inspired me to transition from a traditional marketing role to becoming my own boss? The flexibility and control over my time and energy, along with the ability to fully embrace technology that enables 'work from anywhere. It’s a big change: you have to be able to leverage your professional network and while you’re now in control, with multiple clients, you have to really manage your time effectively."

Campbell GillettMyMarketer Business Owner/Marketer

Are you ready to become a MyMarketer Business Owner/Marketer?

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