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Because Everyone Could Do with a Helping Hand

Think back to when you decided to start your business. You might have been passionate about your industry or a big new idea that woke you up in the middle of the night. Perhaps you saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop something bigger than yourself. Maybe you were sick of working for ‘The Man’ so took a leap of faith – and 10 years on you’re still going.

Since you’ve been out on your own, your business may have grown the way many Kiwi companies do: through the power of exceptional service and word of mouth. Now you’re ready to push your growth forward – but you’re not sure how or where to start.

The solution could be outsourcing. Here are 10 reasons why you should look beyond your company’s four walls as a possible growth solution for your business.

1. You wish you had more time

Remember that thing you used to have before you started your business? Why waste time you’d be better off utilising on the business rather than spending it in the business. Even better, spend that time with your family and friends – they miss you! Outsourcing your growth and marketing activities will give you time back while giving you the results you want.

2. You want experience on your side

Knowledge and skill isn’t inherent; it’s takes years of experience (and trial and error) to master. Imagine being able to get a senior marketing manager to join your team with years of experience in developing proven campaigns that get results?

3. You know what you know – and other people know what they know

Just like you wouldn’t expect a mechanic to give you a great haircut, outsourcing some of the essential components of doing business will give you the results you want while you focus on your core capabilities. You’re great at what you do, but marketing might not be your strong point. Having access to a senior marketing manager with extensive strategic focus is an investment you just can’t beat.

4. You understand that technology is always changing

Every time you turn your head there’s a new app, new social media platform or new piece of SaaS software that you need to be using. But while you focus on your part of the business, it’s easy to miss changes in technology that could help you get ahead. Work alongside people who are passionate about staying up to date with all the latest marketing developments.

5. You’re always aware of scale & expense

As an SME, keeping headcount and therefore expenses as low as possible is important. Imagine being able to get your own marketing team for less than it would cost to hire one fulltime employee. Not only will you get the results you need, you’ll also have spare cash to inject into other important parts of your business.

6. You need someone to be accountable to

It’s common for busy business owners to know what they need to do but they never quite get around to doing it. External support allows you to delegate essential tasks to someone else, then hold them account to deliver results that matter.

7. You need a better solution to cashflow management

Wages, holiday pay, sick leave, work phones, laptops, cars, uniforms … Hiring and managing (not to mention firing) staff is expensive. Simplify all of that by investing one consistent cost into external marketing management, so you can manage your long-term cashflow projections more efficiently.

8. You like to be flexible

Short-term projects come and go, which sometimes makes recruiting, hiring, training and managing employees tricky. An external marketing manager can help you with projects large or small, as often as you like, giving you the flexibility you need to run an efficient business.

9. You don’t need the hassle of risk

Many business owners are wary of getting locked into contracts – as they should be. Partner with a marketing manager who lets you walk away if the relationship doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements anymore. That’s proof that they’re committed to delivering great results for your business, not just earning money for themselves.

10. You need new ideas

Sometimes bringing someone new in can help drive new and innovative ideas. They’re not coming in with organisational or industry bias or preconceptions; they can look at your problems or situation objectively then offer clear, strategic advice that actually works.

The solution is outsourcing

You might not have considered outsourcing your growth and marketing activities; in fact, it might not have occurred to you that it was even an option. But now you do know, imagine the benefits outsourcing could offer your business. Focus on what you’re good at and ask the experts to help with what they’re good at. It’s as simple as that

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