Brand Strategy Marketing | Brand Identity Development & Logo Design

At MyMarketer we understand the importance of ensuring your brand is properly defined and developed and, accurately communicates who you are and what you stand for. We also acknowledge the emotional attachment and history that can exist with established business brands. That’s why we take the time to develop a brand strategy before we recommend a way forward.

Your logo, promise of value, identity and tone of voice make up the different aspects of your brand. They must all be aligned and carefully defined in order to communicate your proposition clearly to your target audience.

1. Promise of value – Your brand’s promise of value helps to describe what you offer your customers e.g. Volvo promises safety and engineering excellence or Apple offers the latest in stylish technology Essentially, it’s the values and benefits you offer to your customers and helps support their purchase decisions – allowing them to determine which product to buy or provider to choose.

2. Logo (which could be made up of an icon, word mark and a by-line)

– a logo is the simplest form of your visual identity. Typically, your logo won’t explain what you do, but as your brand develops it will help to serve as ‘short-hand’ for what your brand stands for.

3. Visual Identity – this is the visual aspect of your brand and is a combination of elements or visual ‘cues’ that support your brand and make up it’s overall ‘look and feel’; it might be a certain colour, type face or layout that forms your overall brand style e.g. Vodafone is red and the AA is yellow or certain graphic elements that are used.

4. Tone of voice

These are the spoken or written words that make up your brand.

The language you use, the style of writing and the personality that’s conveyed through your communication all contribute to forming your brand.  E.g. The Mad Butcher has a totally different brand tone of voice than, say, State Insurance.

Your brand identity will be expressed through a variety of elements and mechanisms e.g.

  • Stationary (letterhead, business card, envelopes)
  • Collateral (flyers, brochures, printed material)
  • Online (websites)
  • Digital (social media, blogs, email marketing)
  • Signage & Uniforms
  • Products/Packaging
  • Advertising

Whether your brand needs a refresh or complete overhaul, MyMarketer can help.

We can cover all steps of the brand development process; from naming your business, defining your promise of value to logo and identity design, through to delivery of the various touchpoints that bring your brand to life e.g. business cards, letterheads, email signatures, signage, advertising or collateral.

We’ll also work with you to produce brand guidelines to ensure your new or re-freshed brand is correctly represented, so your company can put its best foot forward every time.

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