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Meet Emma McMulkin

With over two decades of marketing experience and a proven track record of executing effective marketing strategies, Emma is a natural leader with the drive to succeed.
From spearheading major sponsorships to developing comprehensive marketing strategies, her expertise spans the entire customer journey. Her approach is grounded in an understanding of diverse markets and a keen eye for aligning campaigns with business objectives. Her strengths are in marketing strategy and planning, digital marketing, brand strategy, integrated full-funnel marketing, advertising and direct marketing campaigns, sponsorship and partnership management. 
With Emma on your team, you can trust that your marketing efforts are in capable hands. She’s dedicated to driving success and achieving results, making her the ideal partner for taking your business to the next level. 

Meet MyMarketer – The Marketing Business

MyMarketer is the marketing department for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We provide marketing ‘thinking and doing’ to businesses that have little or no marketing personnel/support.

When you outsource the marketing for your business to MyMarketer, you get the best of both worlds. You get an experienced marketer who not only does the planning but importantly rolls up their sleeves and makes it happen.

How do you know you need help?

  • You have little or no marketing support/resource
  • Want to grow your business but not sure how
  • Need a plan for growth
  • Need help with ‘doing’ your marketing
  • Want someone experienced but can’t afford a full-timer
  • Want more time to do what you want to do
  • Need flexibility and the ability to scale

How can we help grow your business?

  • Access to a senior marketer – managing your marketing program without the high cost
  • Not just one person but a marketing department ‘in behind’
  • The thinking done first
  • The doing connected to the thinking
  • Everything we do is linked to business growth
  • A focus on success/measurability/reporting
  • We become your in-house marketing team and creative agency all wrapped into one

If you aren’t sure if you need marketing help, take our free audit here to see how Emma can help grow your business. (Use the password: Emma)

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